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IMGL0351 rev1
Product Arm Length Scaling Height Width (at cabin) Length Power Application Spec Sheet
LF-7.6HB Different arm lengths available 2.000 – 7.850 mm (roof) / 500 – 7.400 (wall) 3300 mm 1700 – 3300 mm 16475 mm 180 kW Softrock
LF-20HB 7.550 mm 3.000 – 11.000 mm (roof) / 1.000 – 10.000 mm (wall) 3375 – 3643 mm 2600 – 2850 mm 19009 mm 375 kW Softrock

High productivity at low costs and excellent ergonomics resulting in satisfied operators … and satisfied miners are good miners!

The GHH scaler offering have gone through rigorous testing and are continuously improved through the strong partnerships with customers where they are used. 

The scalers cabins comply with the highest safety requirements and are designed for an extremely high load and provide an excellent overview in all working conditions – in particular of the scaling tool. The intelligent scaling safety system protects both the operator and machine during operation.  


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