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Product Length Width Height Weight Max. Bolting height [m] Operation Min. width of heading for tramming @90 Rockdrill Power source tramming/working Application Spec Sheet
RM 1.4 10.5 m 2.4 m 1.4 m 18.4 T 3.3 On the left side of the boom 4.5 Rotary with dust collection Diesel/Electric Non-flameproof
RLP 1400-1B 10.1 m 2.4 m 1.4 m 19.7 T 3 On the left side of the boom 4.5 Rotary-percussive Diesel/Electric Non-flameproof
RM 1.7 11.3 m 2.4 m 1.7 m 19.5 T 4 On the left side of the boom 4.5 Rotary with dust collection Diesel/Electric Non-flameproof
RM 1.8 KE 13.6 m 2.4 m 1.8 m 24.5 T 4.8 From operator’s compartment 4.4 Rotary Electric batteries Non-flameproof
RM 2.3 AWK 11.3 m 2 m 2.4 m 20.5 T 8.3 From operator’s compartment 4 Rotary-percussive Diesel/Electric Non-flameproof
RM 2.6 AWK ATEX 14 m 2.4 m 2.6 m 28 T 7.5 From operator’s compartment 4.5 Rotary-percussive Diesel/Electric Ex/Flameproof
RM 2.3 12.7 m 2.6 m 2.3 m 29.7 T 9 On the left side of the bottom/ from operator’s compartment 4.5 Rotary percussive Diesel/Electric Non-flameproof

With the ever growing need for reduction in greenhouse gases Mine Master has been working on a new battery platform design for intial implementation into the RM1.8KE. The has a resultant noise reduction, no gas emissions and provides for energy recuperation during braking and driving down slopes. Incorporating all the best features of the current products and improving the drive train design to cater for the modular battery package platform integration. Add block


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